Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two Years In A Few Words

Well it is actually imbarising to admit that it has been such a long time since my last post. Two forigen exchange students, Paul
from France, and Gabrele
from, yes you guessed it Italy. Last year I had to put my dog Ruby down due to blindness she got out of the yard and was hit by a vehicle. Kip my brother in law gave me her replacement and she has been a great dog.
Shortly after Rhett left for his mission I was called to be the 1st Councilor in the Bishoprick of a Single Adult Ward. It has kept both Tamy and myself very busey.Wehave over 225 people in our ward. We had been looking for a cabin for over a year and finaly fount the one to buy and did so in December.It is located in strawberry and is only about 1 & 1/2 hours from door to door.
Yes Anziano Scheurn has returned safley at home, we tried to suprise him in Los Angles but somehow we missed him at the International terminal and he called us from US Airways ticket counter to let me know that his ticket was all wrong and than I had to break the news to him..
We rented a vehicle and went to the Los Angles Temple where we were able to ponder our thoughts and thank the Lord for all that he has blessed us with. Monday we flew back to Phoenix where lots of family and friends were there to meet Anziano Scheurn.
Boy oh boy how someone grows up in two years serving the Lord and the people of Italy.Tamy, Pose and I met with Preident Anderson so Rhett could be released, we were lucky to hear him bear his testamoney in Italian, the spirit was strong even though we couldn't understand him. Tomarrow we will meet the Stake presidency and the High Council at 6:00AM.

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